Same Stuff Different You with Chaffee-Thanh Nguyen

How seeing the same things differently enables you to succeed in business and life.

Business Success: How To Be Relevant

Scott Paton

May 26 2021

Do you sometimes feel like a speck of dust in the vastness of the Universe?  Too small to make any kind of impact whatsoever? 

If so, remember that it’s a tiny butterfly who can create a typhoon across the globe just by flapping its wings.  It’s a pebble that creates multiple rings of ripples on a smooth surface.  It's the individual who ignites a spark that lights a fire of 1,000 suns!   And it’s YOU who can dramatically impact the lives of hundreds if not thousands of others. 

If you want to create an impact, share your message, and be relevant in today’s world, then listen in on today’s podcast where I’ll discuss how you can cultivate your mindset to be relevant and truly impact those around you. 


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Whenever you ask yourself these questions, "Am I what I always wanted to be? What am I doing with my life. Who am I? What do I want to become?" Then know that the only person who can answer these questions is YOU. You, and only you, get to design your own life and choose exactly who you are and who you will become. When you were a child, you were told that you can become anything you want! Somewhere along the way, you lost track of that. Well, it's not too late to get back on track! Same Stuff, Different You is an engaging podcast that will help you get there. The Key Concepts covered here are not new. They've been around for years. Everything you will hear in this podcast is common knowledge - it's just not common practice. This podcast will help you realize and understand these simple common key concepts so that when you start applying them as "common practice", you'll be able to design your life and get back on track. About Scott Paton

Internet Marketing Consultant with 7 years experience working with small to medium size businesses and entrepreneurs. Looking to take your business online or start an Internet business? Email Marketing, Adsense, Adwords, PPS, SEO, Keyword research, copywriting, and backend sales are some of the topics covered in the Podcasts, past, present and future.

Scott Paton will explain them all in easy to understand terms, plus how to use them in your business to get immediate results.

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